VoIP Re seller

Why should you become a VoIP re seller?

Every B2B reseller should be selling hosted VoIP today. Those who continue to ignore this opportunity are simply handing business to their competitors. Every business, large or small, needs to have an efficient, effective, reliable telephone system. These days, the cheapest and most effective technology to use is VoIP. It is flexible, scalable and keeps costs down. You can redirect calls easily to any location, set up local numbers and re-route calls to a central point, enabling staff to work from home and be just as easy to reach as they are when they are sat at their desks in the office.

With the higher speed and increased bandwidth that fibre-based broadband services now provide – and at prices every business can afford, running voice over IP is no issue. You can run multiple lines over standard connections. Hosted VoIP is accepted as a tried and tested technology now too, so it’s an easy sell.

If you don’t sell it to your clients soon, someone else will.

Becoming a VoIP reseller also brings other advantages. You will earn monthly income from every seat you sell, for as long as the customer has the contract, which will be years, if not decades. Typically, business customers start small, with one or two VoIP lines perhaps, but soon expand. Before you know it, you are building a healthy base of installed seats and a healthy monthly income that will keep on growing and supporting your business.

Selling hosted VoIP makes sense. You will lose potential income and almost certainly lose customers in the long run as well. It’s easy as well. We make it very easy for you to offer the services and manage the billing, so all you really need to do, is sell it to your customers and start building up your regular monthly income.

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