Be a common-sense voip reseller

Being a VoIP reseller is really just being a reseller of common sense. VoIP is the future of voice, of that there is no question and offering VoIP to your customers is the positive, progressive and responsible thing to do. It quite simply, makes sense and of course, there is always the very real possibility that, should you decide not to have VoIP in your portfolio, someone else will provide the service to your customer first.

But that should never need to happen. It is very easy to become a VoIP reseller and to offer hosted voice services to your clients. There are plenty of suppliers and well-established services. The benefits are well-understood already by most business people and easy to articulate to those who need to be reminded – improved functionality, greater flexibility and scalability, and much lower and more manageable costs.

It also makes sense for businesses to make use of the broadband connection that they have already for voice traffic as well as data. Most businesses now have access to more than enough bandwidth to accommodate several simultaneous VoIP calls, and with additional advanced features, such as the ability to operate multiple numbers, auto attendant and re-direction, voicemail recording and forwarding and call recording, there is the potential for businesses to do much more with their VoIP services.

As a VoIP reseller, you can easily offer them all of this, simply by signing-up as a partner and going through the small amount of sales and technical training that is necessary to become accredited. From that point on, you can call yourself a VoIP reseller and get on with the very sensible business of delivering the benefits to your customers.

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